SAMreport-Lite License Reporting Tool

Autodesk Network Licensing Manager

SAMreport-Lite License Reporting Tool

While not part of the network installation, a version of SAMreport called SAMreport-Lite is available to help you track network license usage. With SAMreport-Lite technology from Macrovision Corporation, you can monitor client usage for Autodesk network licensed products.

SAMreport-Lite generates usage reports in a variety of output formats including HTML, text, and Report Interchange Format. For more information about the SAMreport-Lite features and for instructions on installing SAMreport-Lite, see the SAMreport-Lite User's Guide.

NoteYou can install SAMreport-Lite and access the SAMreport-Lite User's Guide from the Autodesk product menu browser.

For additional information about SAMreport-Lite, and for updates and fixes for this feature, visit the Autodesk website at: