Set Up License Timeout

Autodesk Network Licensing Manager

Set Up License Timeout

License timeout is set in the Options file to determine how long a product session can be idle before the license is reclaimed by the license server. When you set this flag in the Options file, a user's license is reclaimed by the license server if the product is idle on a workstation for more than the timeout period you define.

If a user's license is lost because of the idle timeout, the product attempts to claim a new license once the user uses the product again. If no license is available, the user can save work before the product shuts down.

To set license timeout parameters

  • In the Options file, enter the following syntax on its own line (with TIMEOUT entered in uppercase, as shown):

    TIMEOUT feature_code n

    In the TIMEOUT syntax, “feature_code” is the name of the product (referred to in the INCREMENT line in the license file), and “n” is the number of seconds before an inactive license is reclaimed by the license server.

    For example, the syntax TIMEOUT Autodesk_f1 7200 means that for the product Autodesk_f1, the license timeout period is set for 7200 seconds, or two hours.

For more information about using the license timeout feature, see the FLEXlm documentation in the Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\Docs\FlexUser folder.