Changing settings

AutoHotkey SciTE

Changing settings

If you want to quickly change some specific settings, go to Tools > "SciTE4AutoHotkey settings...".

Here you can change the display language, the syntax highlighting style, the default script codepage, the default zoom and turn on/off the auto-backup feature and window position remembering.

By clicking on the Edit Style button, the built-in Style Editor will show up:

With this editor, you can tweak the syntax highlighting configuration to your liking. All styles inherit settings from the Base Style (except itself), hence the tri-state checkboxes. In order to change a color, click on it.

However, there are many more settings to customize. They must be configured using SciTE property files. The recommended file to edit is the User properties file ( You can open it by going to Options > "Open User properties". SciTE property lines take this format:

# This is a comment

There MUST NOT be spaces around the equals (=) sign.