AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 Geospatial Platform Reference

AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial Platform API

MgLayerGroup Class Reference

Inherits MgNamedSerializable.

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Detailed Description

Manipulates the properties of a layer group.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool GetDisplayInLegend ()
 Determines whether an entry for the group should appear in the legend.
virtual bool GetExpandInLegend ()
 Determines whether the entry for the group should initially be expanded in the legend, if possible.
virtual MgLayerGroupGetGroup ()
virtual INT32 GetLayerGroupType ()
 Gets the type of the layer group.
virtual STRING GetLegendLabel ()
virtual STRING GetName ()
 Gets the group name.
virtual STRING GetObjectId ()
virtual bool GetVisible ()
 Determines if the layer group is potentially visible.
virtual bool IsVisible ()
 Determines the actual visibility of the group.
 MgLayerGroup (CREFSTRING name)
 Constructs an MgLayerGroup object with the specified name.
virtual void SetDisplayInLegend (bool displayInLegend)
virtual void SetGroup (MgLayerGroup *group)
virtual void SetLegendLabel (CREFSTRING legendLabel)
virtual void SetVisible (bool visible)