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Before putting an instrument into the Washer, the user needs to use the Receive Items module to receive the item first into the store location.  Only received items can be allocated to wash cycles.


MAQS Decontamination application


Click on the Decontamination button and select Receive Items from the menu.






Item Search

Use this module to receive the item into the store location in preparation to be washed.


Search Fields

Search by MRN

Use the patient MRN (Medical Record Number) to receive all the packs/trays that was used on the patient.

(MRN that was completed in the last 7 days only)

Search by Label

Scanning/Enter the pack/tray barcode to receive individual pack/tray



By default it will Search by MRN. To change to Search By Process Label click on the Search by Process Label button.


If the barcode is not available then click on the Product Search button to search for the Packs/Trays.


Product Search

To search for Packs/Trays if they are missing their labels, see Product Search.

Load Saved Receive Items

To reload Packs/Trays list that was previously saved, see Load Saved Receive Items.

Load From previous batch

To reprocess a failed Wash Batch (within the last 2 days), see Load from previous Batch.




Select return reason from the drop down list. And set return reason for selected item(s) by clicking Set Status For Selected Item(s)



Print current grid

Add comments

Add/View Comments to line items, see Comments

Save Receive Items

Save and Close Window

Remove Item

Remove selected Line Item


Close Window (Automatically Save current progress)


Proceed and Receive items shown in the window