Cleaning Instructions/Pack Details


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Whenever a record is double clicked in the grid, it will bring up the Pack/Instrument details, its compatible cycles and Cleaning Instructions.


Instruments in Packs

Pack Def

Packs Definition

This will display all instruments that are defined in the pack menu.

Last Pack Released

Shows the packs contents that was last modified when the pack process label was printed.


Cleaning Instructions menu


Depending on the options selected above, it will either display the list of instruments that was defined in the Pack or the list of instruments of the last released pack. The Instrument cleaning instruction is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Instrument Picture

This will display the image (if applicable) of the highlighted instrument

Pack Cleaning Instruction

The pack template cleaning instructions will be display in this tab

Pack Picture

If applicable the Pack picture (defined in the template) is shown in here

Washing Cycle

The compatible washing cycle and racks will be shown in this tab



This is a view ONLY window, any changes will have to be made in the MaQs Clients




The total number of records and instruments is calculated and shown towards the bottom of the screen.


The cleaning instructions for instruments is also shown at the lower section of the window.


Cleaning instructions 1




Instrument Pictures


The picture of the highlighted instrument will be displayed in this tab and the user can look through multiple pictures (if applicable) using the left and right arrow: left and right.


Cleaning instructions 2



Pack Cleaning Instructions


This is showing the cleaning instruction for the selected pack.

Pack Clean



Pack Picture


This tab shows the picture that is defined in the pack template.


Pack Picture



Washing Cycle


The tab on the left displays all compatible washing cycles of the selected pack and the tab on the right shows the racks that can undergo the highlighted cycles.


Washing Cycle