Concept (ActiveMail)


Concept (ActiveMail)


The ActiveQ service processes one or more pickup directories and checks to see if there are new emails to add in its standard queue or scheduled queue. If a new mail is found (a file with the extension .eml that is not already in one of its queues), a reference to the file is added automatically for processing.

The standard queue is processed immediately using a FIFO (First In First Out) scheme using the multi-thread architecture described in the About ActiveQ page. When an email is successfully sent, it is removed physically from the pickup directory where it was originally found. The file will remain in the pickup directory until it is successfully sent or has been moved to the error directory. This ensures that a message is not lost in memory in case of a server crash. On startup, ActiveQ will automatically detect the email in the pickup directory.


ActiveQ use ActiveMail to send its email. It can use both the SMTP servers list (to provide redundancy) or the DirectSend feature of ActiveMail. It is recommended you use SMTP servers for better performance. You will need a separate license of ActiveMail to use the email features of ActiveQ. See Quick Start for more information.



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