About ActiveQ


About ActiveQ


ActiveQ is a free mail queuing service with extended task scheduling support written in 100% managed C#.NET. This service will allow you to send thousands of queued emails in a few minutes and also schedule mail for later delivery. Standard queuing is becoming required when sending a newsletter to thousands of subscribers.


Standard or scheduled queuing of complex emails 

Scheduled emails can have a very powerful use in a CRM system. For example if a user downloads the latest version of your software, you would like to send him a confirmation email the same day, but also another email 7 days later to ask him if his evaluation is going well and if he needs assistance. You might also like to send an email to the customer 30 days later with information on how to register as well as a link to a form where they can input their impressions, suggestions etc. Using ActiveQ, you will be able to send these 3 emails in few seconds: the first will be delivered immediately (Standard Queuing) and the two others will be scheduled (Scheduled Queuing).


Performance and scalability


ActiveQ was designed with performance in mind, so it includes a multi-thread processing architecture to send multiples emails at a time. You can configure the number of threads used or you can let ActiveQ automatically adjust itself based on the performance/resources available for the requests.


While not required, ActiveQ supports a list of SMTP servers for redundancies. If no SMTP server is specified, ActiveQ will use the DirectSend technology of ActiveMail component.


ActiveQ is fault tolerant. In case of a server crash, no queued mail is lost. The system will automatically reload them at startup.


Scheduled Tasks


Another big feature of ActiveQ is the ability to allow you or your users to build an XML file containing scheduled tasks. A task consists of a URL (HTTP) to query (POST or GET method) and a list of triggers. Triggers include daily, weekly, monthly, or a specific day, week or month of year.


This system is ideal for your scheduled tasks. You will now be able to access a system like CRON without having to use SessionStart tricks and other systems that are not reliable and scalable.

You can query scripts that will:


  • update currency values daily

  • send monthly sales reports

  • clear a temp directory

  • etc…


Ideal for ISP's


ActiveQ mail queuing supports multiple pickup directories and Multiple XML task list configuration files. This is ideal for ISP's that want to allow their customers to take advantage of this without having to define special permissions for a unique directory.


Powerful service manager to monitor


The powerful ActiveQ manager will allow you to see what is going on with your scheduled mails and tasks. The main log window will inform you of what the service is doing for you. You will be able to add or remove pickup directories or XML task configuration files.




ActiveQ is a free application. All the email-related features require the ActiveMail component to run as well as a separate license (1 license per server). Installing ActiveMail will also allow your customers or your application to take advantage of this feature-laden email component The scheduled tasks system, though, does not require ActiveMail and thus is completely free to use. See the comparison chart for more information.




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