Report Server Properties (Log On Tab)

SQL Server Configuration Manager

Use the Log On tab of the Report Server Properties dialog box to specify the account used by the Report Server service, and to start and stop the service.


Local System account

Specify a local system account, which does not require a password. However, the local system account may restrict the service from interacting with other servers, depending on the privileges granted to the account.

This account

Specify a local or domain user account that uses Microsoft Windows Authentication. Microsoft recommends using a domain user account with minimal rights for services. For information about selecting an account, search Books Online for the topic Setting Up Windows Service Accounts.

Account Name

Specify the local or domain user account name.


Type the password of the account.

Confirm password

Type the password of the account again.


Start the service.


Stop the service.


Pause the service.


Resume a paused service.