Protocols for MSSQLSERVER Properties (Certificate Tab)

SQL Server Configuration Manager

Use the Certificate tab on the Protocols for MSSQLSERVER Properties dialog box to select a certificate for Microsoft SQL Server, or to view the properties of a certificate. All fields are blank until a certificate is selected.

Certificates are stored locally for the users on the computer. To load a certificate for use by SQL Server, you must be running SQL Server Configuration Manager under the same user account as the SQL Server service.

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Provides access to additional details on the certificate. Not available until a certificate is selected in the Certificate box. For additional information on certificate details, see your Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 documentation.


Removes the selection from the Certificate box.


Name of certificate as determined by security provider. Select a certificate to see the details in the properties grid.


Expiration Date

The final date for the period in which the certificate is valid.

Friendly Name

A friendly or common name for the individual or certification authority to whom the certificate is issued.

Issued By

Information regarding the certification authority that issued the certificate.

Issued To

Information regarding the recipient of the certificate.