SQL Server Browser Properties (Log On Tab)

SQL Server Configuration Manager

The SQL Server Browser program runs as a service on the server. SQL Server Browser listens for incoming requests for Microsoft SQL Server resources and provides information about SQL Server instances installed on the computer.

SQL Server Browser listens on a UDP port and accepts unauthenticated requests using SQL Server Resolution Protocol (SSRP).

Changing the password of an account takes effect immediately without restarting the service.


Local System account

Run the SQL Server Browser service in the security context of the Local System account. When possible, use a low-permission account instead.

This account

Specify a local or domain user account that uses Windows Authentication. We recommend using a domain user account with minimal rights for services. For information about selecting an account, see "Setting Up Windows Service Accounts" in SQL Server Books Online.


Browse for a user or built-in security principal.

Use a low-permission account. For information about the permissions required for the SQL Server Browser Service, see the Security section of SQL Server Browser Service.


Enter the password of the security principal.

Confirm password

Confirm the password of the security principal.

Service status

Indicates whether this service is running, stopped, or disabled. "" indicates a state change is pending.


Start the SQL Server Browser service.


Stop the SQL Server Browser service.


Pause the SQL Server Browser service.


Resume a paused SQL Server Browser service.

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