Fulfilling Connection Requirements


Fulfilling Connection Requirements

Making a connection with a remote host requires following:

  • A TCP/IP transport protocol
  • A Telnet daemon running on the host
    • You must have Telnet privileges assigned in the InetD Admin application if a PC host is running the Hummingbird Telnetd application.
    • For a PC running Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 to successfully access the machine, the PC must be a member of the TelnetAccess group and the group must exist in the user administration program. If the group does not exist, every user with an account can access the machine.

If you are using the Rlogin protocol, you need an .rhosts file in your Home directory on the host.

If you are using the Tapi protocol, you need:

  • A Tapi compatible modem.
  • A host that can accept serial connections, and the phone number of the host.

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