Changing the Colors of the Display Window


Changing the Colors of the Display Window

You can format host-generated messages to visually distinguish them in the WyseTerm window. You can accent any host-generated text attribute (normal, bold, blink, or underline) with a color (background or foreground) in the WyseTerm window. When the host requests text with any of these attributes, WyseTerm displays the attribute in the color assigned to that attribute.

To change the colors of the display window:

  1. On the Settings menu, click Terminal.
  2. In the Modify Terminal Setup dialog box, click the Colors tab.
  3. Select a display format from the Attribute drop-down list box.
  4. In the Foreground Color box, select a foreground color.
  5. In the Background Color box, select a background color.
  6. To change the characteristics of any of the attributes, check the applicable box at the bottom of the Colors tab.
  7. Click OK.

To invert the color scheme you have selected:

  1. On the Modify Terminal Setup dialog box, select the Display tab.
  2. Select the Reverse background check box in the Miscellaneous area.
  3. Click OK.

To redefine Reverse and Dim attributes:

Open the htelnet.ini file located in the Accessories folder of the Hummingbird user directory. By editing this file, you can define how Reverse and Dim text is displayed in the session window.

By default, all lines in the file are commented out. Remove the comment marker at the beginning of the lines that you want to modify. The available foreground and background color values are listed for you.

After you save your changes to the file, you must close and restart any open WyseTerm sessions for the changes to take effect.