Defining a Button


Defining a Button

You can map buttons to generate specific character strings.

  Buttons 13 through 30 are available. Buttons F1 through F12 are preset.

To select and define a button:

  1. On the Settings menu, click Terminal.
  2. In the Modify Terminal Setup dialog box, click the Button Mapping tab.
  3. Select one of the definable buttons from the Buttons list box. Buttons 13 through 30 are placeholders for new buttons.
  4. To use the new button in the WyseTerm window, clear the Not Used check box.
  5. In the Button Name box, type the name of the button.
  6. In the String To Send box, specify the command string to forward to the host. Click for more information
  7. Click OK.

Removing a Button

You can remove a button from your WyseTerm window without removing the button from the list box. Select the button in the display window and check the Not Used box. You can use the current mapping of this button in the future by clearing the same box.

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