Introducing WyseTerm


Introducing WyseTerm

WyseTerm is a communications and terminal emulation program that supports ANSI-BBS, SCO ANSI, WYSE-50, WYSE-60, VT320, VT220 (also supports VT220 7 bit or 8 bit, VT100, or VT52), and DG-210 terminal modes. WyseTerm lets a user at one site access a remote host as if the user display was locally attached.

  Some TCP/IP stacks have problems with out-of-band data. If WyseTerm connects to your host, but never displays any host data, you may be experiencing this problem. To work around the problem, add the following entry in the Registry database:


  value name=Disable OOB

  value type=DWORD

  value data=1

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