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Word Count

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The following applies to all counting methods within WriteMonkey:

  • Comments are not included
  • The Repository is a system of its own, it will not add up to the total number in the main section.

Counting per Folder

At the bottom of the Jumps window: CTRL+R to recount


Filtering affects the word count as follows:

  1. No Filter (empty filter box):
    • files tagged as draft or repo will not be included in the count
    • merged files will not be included: _MERGED YYYYMM-DD hh-mm.txt
  2. With Filter (filter box not empty):
    • All visible files will be included
    • files tagged as draft or repo will be included
    • files that have been merged will also be included in the word count

Counting per File

To keep track of your word count

  1. position the progress section on the Info Bar
  2. For a more elaborate read-out press F12 to see Statistics

Visual Progress Bar

For those who write stuff which needs to be of a certain length. Journalists, writers …

The bar uses the ink color of your color scheme. It is located ...

  • on the very bottom, if info bar is docked to the bottom
  • on the very top of the screen if the info bar is docked on top


Setting the reference value:

  • press F12 to bring up the Progress Window (or click on progress section of the info bar)
  • Set both, unit and value to define the max scale (full length) of your progress bar


When you exceed your Limit, the bar will turn red (overlaying the ink color):


image Set the Timer to a limit of zero, then let it count in reverse to see how long it took you to reach your writing goal.

Partial Count

Keep a seperate record that is counting up from zero after pressing "Reset Partial Count"

  • the increasing units will be added to the total amount
  • pasting text will also advance the partial count

Open the Progress Window: F12 or click on progress section of the info bar

Reset your partial count to start over at zero

To partially count text that has already been written:

F6 focus on selected text
CTRL+F6 focus on current paragraph
SHIFT+F6 focus on current heading section

image You may also start with an empty Segment Focus, then type and count from scratch.
If you combine both techniques, you have two sub-counts at your fingertips:

  1. the regular progress count, now operating on your segment focus only
  2. the reset partial count, operating on part of your segment focus

WriteMonkey version | This helpfile last updated on Aug 29, 2012 --- Stefan Müller