Encrypting a Zip File


Encrypting a Zip File

Please read about encryption before using this feature.

To encrypt or re-encrypt all of the files in an open Zip file, choose Encrypt from the Actions menu. WinZip® will ask for a password and encryption method and then encrypt all files currently in the Zip file.

Any files in the Zip file that are already encrypted must first be decrypted before they are re-encrypted using the method and password you specified. WinZip will first try to decrypt the files using the current encryption password; if a file cannot be decrypted with this password, WinZip will ask you for the correct decryption password. If you are unable to supply the correct password, the file will be skipped, and it will remain unchanged in the Zip file.


  • It is more efficient to encrypt files while they are being added to the Zip file than to encrypt them after they have been added. To encrypt files while adding, simply check the Encrypt added files checkbox in the Add dialog.
  • You can also perform this action from the My Computer or Windows Explorer shortcut menu. Simply right click the Zip file and choose Encrypt from the WinZip shortcut menu.
  • This feature is available only for Zip files.

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