The Options Menu

The Options menu allows you to set many WinZip® options. The menu entries are:

  • Configuration activates the main Configuration dialog box. This dialog box controls most WinZip settings.
  • Sort lets you specify whether the list of files in the archive is sorted by name, type, date, size, compression ratio, packed size, CRC, file attributes, path, or whether the original archive order should be used. Note: You can also change the sort order by clicking on the appropriate portion of the main list box header. For example, click on the word "Date" in the header to sort by date. To reverse the sort order, click it again.
  • Reuse WinZip Windows determines whether a new window is opened when you start WinZip by double clicking in My Computer, Windows Explorer, or the desktop. When this entry is checked, an existing WinZip window is used. When this entry is not checked, a new WinZip window is created. One advantage to reusing WinZip windows is that double clicking acts the same as drag and drop, and you never accidentally wind up with multiple WinZip windows.
  • Save Settings on Exit determines whether your currently chosen configuration options are automatically saved when WinZip is closed.
  • Save Settings Now saves selected options immediately.
  • Set Installation Defaults sets many configuration options and folder names to the original installation defaults.
  • View Last Output displays the results of the last WinZip operation.