More Hints and Tips


More Hints and Tips

Here are more Hints and Tips:

  • To switch to another program during an archive operation, click on the window for the other program, or hold down the Alt key and press the Tab key repeatedly until the program's icon is selected. Note: you cannot use the WinZip® system menu or minimize button during archive operations. However, you can minimize WinZip by opening the Miscellaneous tab in the Configuration dialog, checking Display status dialog for long operations, and clicking the dialog's minimize button.
  • You can move or copy files from one archive to another by opening multiple WinZip windows, one for each archive, and dragging files from one to the other. Note that you need to turn off the Reuse WinZip Windows entry in the Options pull-down menu in order to start multiple WinZip windows.

Long Filename Tips

  • The current versions of most optional external archivers used by WinZip are DOS programs and do not support long filenames. Therefore, WinZip will pass the short 8.3 version of all long file and folder names to these external programs. Since normal 8.3 names are usually more meaningful than the shortened versions of long filenames, it is recommended you use standard 8.3 filenames when working with external archivers.
  • The exception is ARJ 2.60 and greater, which support long filenames when running under Windows 95, 98, or Me (but not under Windows NT, 2000, or XP). If WinZip detects that you are using one of these ARJ versions and you are using Windows 98, or Me, it will pass long filenames to ARJ.
  • MS-DOS programs (other than ARJ 2.60 and greater) and 16-bit Windows programs usually have trouble with long filenames and files with spaces in the name. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use long filenames and files with spaces in the name if you plan to work with these files from DOS. For example, LHA.EXE will extract the file "A Long Filename" as "A LONG F", ignoring the extra characters. To avoid this problem, check the Store filenames in 8.3 format checkbox in the Add dialog box when adding files.

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