Using WinZip: Introduction


Using WinZip: Introduction

If you've used WinZip® for a while, or if you've looked at any of the overview or Quick Start information, you know that there are three basic ways to use WinZip.

  • You can use the WinZip Wizard. This is ideal if you just want to do quick zipping and unzipping and you don't want to worry about the details of archives. (The WinZip Wizard is documented separately.)
  • You can use WinZip in Classic mode, that is, you can open WinZip and use its menus and toolbars to perform all of your archive operations. This mode gives you complete access to all WinZip functionality.
  • You can use WinZip's Windows integration features, which include drag and drop features and WinZip's Windows Explorer interface. These features allow you to perform most of the commonly needed archive operations right from your desktop, Windows Explorer, or My Computer; in most cases, you don't need to open WinZip at all.

Which technique you use depends on your preferences and your archiving needs. You may use more than one. A little experimentation should find what's right for you.

This section of the WinZip documentation describes the entire WinZip menu system and WinZip's Windows integration features.


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Using the WinZip Menus

Using the Explorer Interface

Using Drag and Drop

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