Since V4.5 USBDLM can ask the user for a password on arrival of a drive or a media.

Hint: The OK button is the default button of the dialog, so you can just press Enter after entering the password.




; restricted users are asked for a password





; admins fall thru, so they are not asked for a password




If the password is noted in text form then you should remove read access for restricted users on the USBDLM.INI file...

Or note the password by its MD5 hash:







The USBDLM service accepts one password per second, the number of tries is not limited.


When the user presses "Cancel" or closes the dialog then the drive is prepared for safe removal or it's media is ejected.


When the drive is removed while its password dialog is open, the dialog is closed.



Valid criteria for password sections:


  • UserName
  • UserGroup
  • UserIsAdmin
  • DeviceID
  • BusType



In contrast to all other sections types the password sections are not limited to REMOVABLE and FIXED drives. So the user is asked for a password too when a floppy or CD/DVD drive is attached.



By means of the "USBDLM Remote Password Tool" the password can be sent over the network, so there is no need for the admin to tell someone the password...


The password dialog at the client computer must stay open. As soon as the correct password is sent to the client the password dialog disappears there.


Sending the password relies on a former user authentication for instance by having a network share on the client computer.

Alternatively USBDLM can grant anonymous access to its password port: