Event Logging



Event Logging


USBDLM can write service start/stop, drive arrival, removal and AutoRun events to the Windows application log.





It writes then items like these:


USBDLM service started

Drive attached:  Name='FUJITSU MHK2120AT USB Device'  Type=FIXED  MountPoint='Z:\'  User=admin

Drive removed:  Name='FUJITSU MHK2120AT USB Device'  Type=FIXED  MountPoint='Z:\'  User=admin

Open executed:  MountPoint=Z:\  CmdLine=C:\Windows\Systen32\cmd.exe /c C:\Backup1.cmd Z:\

USBDLM service shut down


Since V4.3 this can be configured using USBDLM variables.





EventLogStringArrival=Drive attached:  Name='%DevName%'  Type=%DriveType%  MountPoint=%Root%  User=%UserName%

EventLogStringRemoval=Drive removed :  Name='%DevName%'  Type=%DriveType%  MountPoint=%Root%  User=%UserName%

EventLogStringOpen=Open executed:  MountPoint=%Root%  CmdLine=%CmdLine%

EventLogStringSvcStart=USBDLM service started

EventLogStringSvcStop=USBDLM service stopped

EventLogStringSvcShutdown=USBDLM service shut down



If an item is unwanted then set it like so:




Hint: While the Windows Event Viewer is open, the USBDLM.EXE cannot be deleted or replaced.




Since V5.2 USBDLM can write these lines to its log file with loglevel 0:





If you want both then set EventLog=3