Software licence USBDLM



This licence agreement is based on and bound to German law. This is a translation of the most important facts for our customers and visitors. All programs and documents were created corresponding German law. If there were any infringements of changed or international law it is done unintentional. Please let me know in order to allow corrections.



1. The subject of the contract


The subject of the contract is the enclosed software, the software description and instructions, as well as other associated written material, in the following also called 'software'.

The author makes attentive to the fact that it is not possible to provide software that works error free is in all applications and combinations.

The subject of the contract is therefore only a software, which is usable in the sense of the program description.



2. Granting of a licence


The author grants public schools, universities and other non profit institution of education where the students outnumber all others a free licence.

Furthermore public libraries whose usage is free of charge can use the software for free.

Other users have 30 days to determine if this product meets their needs. After this time one licence per computer must be ordered or the software must be removed from the computers.


The licence applies to all version numbers of the software now and in the future to the appropriate number of licences.


The volume licences are valid for the particular number of computers within a company or organization.


The author does not supply updates since all updates are offered for download.


The software can be copied and passed on freely, as long as the ZIP or MSI archive is unchanged. Re-packaging is allowed for internal use only.



3. No further legal claims


The author is both author and owner of the software, as well as of algorithms and procedures used in this software.



4. No modifications or decompiling


Changes in any files, disassembling, reverse engineering, patching of this software is expressly prohibited.



5. Redistribution


Redistribution of the unmodified software archive files on CD/DVD media of computer magazines is allowed.

Making them available for download is unwanted. Whenever possible link to and

Re-packaging is allowed for internal use only.

Offering the software for download by means of a "downloader" software is not allowed.



6. No warranty


I make no guarantee, implied or otherwise as to the accuracy of the documentation or the software's suitability for any purpose. It is a condition of the licence that the user accepts that I'm not responsible for any damages arising by the use or misuse of this software. This includes loss of profit, data, any material losses and their consequential damages: even if I'm informed about the possibility of those damages. I try to fix bugs as soon as possible.