AutoRun for other Devices



AutoRun for other devices


In analogy to the AutoRun function for storage volumes, USBDLM can execute a command-line on arrival and removal of any device.


The one and only device specific criteria is the device ID.

You find the device ID in the Windows Device Manager. Right-click the device -> Properties. Select the "Details" tab. Here the "Device Instance ID" is already selected. Click on the ID and press "Ctrl+C" to copy the ID into the Windows Clipboard.


XP before SP2 show the tab "Details" when the environment variable DEVMGR_SHOW_DETAILS is set to 1. This REG file adds this variable:




It takes effect after the next logon.


Since V4.7.1 all criteria not related to a newly arrive drive are available here too. These are Files, User, computer name, running process, operating system and time.




Sample for starting the calculator on arrival of a certain USB device:






The same after removal:






Hint: There is no [OnDeviceRemovalRequest].



The other parameters known from [OnArrival], as openstyle, system etc work here too.