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SolrNet.Impl.DocumentPropertyVisitors.DefaultDocumentVisitor Class Reference

Default document visitor. More...

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Public Member Functions

 DefaultDocumentVisitor (IReadOnlyMappingManager mapper, ISolrFieldParser parser)
 Default document visitor.
void Visit (object doc, string fieldName, XElement field)
 Visits a document with a raw xml Solr response field.

Detailed Description

Default document visitor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SolrNet.Impl.DocumentPropertyVisitors.DefaultDocumentVisitor.DefaultDocumentVisitor ( IReadOnlyMappingManager  mapper,
ISolrFieldParser  parser 

Default document visitor.


Member Function Documentation

void SolrNet.Impl.DocumentPropertyVisitors.DefaultDocumentVisitor.Visit ( object  doc,
string  fieldName,
XElement  field 

Visits a document with a raw xml Solr response field.

docDocument object
fieldNameSolr field name
fieldRaw XML Solr field

Implements SolrNet.Impl.ISolrDocumentPropertyVisitor.

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