FlowProperties Properties


FlowProperties Properties

The FlowProperties type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AckMode
Controls how acknowledgements are generated for received Guaranteed messages. Possible values are defined in MessageAckMode Default MessageAckMode.AutoAck
Public property AckThreshold
The default threshold for sending an acknowledgement, as a percentage of flow window size. The valid range is 1..75. The default value is 60.
Public property AckTimerInMsecs
The duration of the flow acknowledgement timer (in milliseconds). The valid range is 20..1500. The default value is 1000.
Public property ActiveFlowInd
When a Flow has the Active Flow Indication property enabled, the application will receive flow events when the flow becomes active, or inactive. If the underlying session capabilities indicate that the appliance does not support active flow indications, then ISession.CreateFlow() will fail immediately and set the subCode ActiveFlowIndicationUnsupported Default: false
Public property AutoAck Obsolete.
When set to true, the API generates application level acknowledgments for Guaranteed messages, when the receive delegate returns, this is equivalent to specifying AutoAck for AckMode.

When set to false, client applications must explicitly acknowledge Guaranteed messages, if they do not want to receive them again when reconnecting.

Default: true
Public property BindBlocking
Controls whether or not to block when creating a flow. When set to true, the create flow operation blocks awaiting appliance's response. The default value is true.
Public property BindRetries
The maximum number of bind attempts to make. The default value is 3.
Public property BindTimeoutInMsecs
The timeout used (in milliseconds) when creating a flow in blocking mode. Default: 10000 msecs
Public property Count
Returns the count of properties.
(Inherited from BaseProperties.)
Public property FlowStartState
Controls whether the flow should be created in a "start" or "stop" state with respect to receiving messages. Flow start/stop state can be changed later through Start or Stop. Default: true
Public property MaxUnackedMessages
This property may only be set when the Flow property AckMode is set to ClientAck. When set to a positive value, this property controls the maximum number of messages that may be unacknowledged on the Flow (Ack(Int64) is called to acknowledge messages and remove those messages from the message spool.) This property cannot be used to increase the appliance configured maximum number of acknowledged messages on the endpoint. When set to -1, the appliance configured maximum controls how many unacknowledged messages may be received by the application. Valid values are -1 and >0.
Public property NoLocal
If the connected peer supports No Local, then messages published on the session will not appear in flows created with this property set to true, even if the endpoint contains a subscription that matches the published topic. The ISession.CreateFlow(...) will fail and set subcode NoLocalNotSupported if the connected peer does not support No Local.
Public property Selector
A JMS-defined selector. Default: Empty string
Public property WindowSize
The Guaranteed message window size for the flow. This sets the maximum number of messages that can be in transit (that is, the messages are sent from the appliance, but are not yet delivered to the application). The valid range is 1..255. The default window size is 255.
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