Speech overview

Speech 5.0 Control Panel

Using Speech Properties

You can use either the Speech Recognition tab or the Text To Speech tab in Speech Properties to initialize and customize speech-enabled applications. These settings control general attributes such as input and output devices, the language used, as well as the playback voice and the accuracy of word recognition. Individual applications may implement speech differently and you need to check the respective user's manuals for particulars. However, some attributes are shared by speech engines or systems across different software applications. These shared features are set in Speech Properties.

You can choose between several preferential option settings and customize the speech profile according to your needs. However, many options are proprietary and may vary between computer systems. Therefore, some of the buttons and screens may not act the same under all circumstances. Please check instructions for your computer, speech software or device hardware.

In addition to choosing pre-determined options, you may set the profile to accommodate your speaking style. This includes training the speech recognizer to adapt to the sound of your voice, word pronunciation, accent, speaking manner, and even new or idiomatic words. This is done through a training wizard. Training for as little as ten minutes, you can achieve significant speech recognition improvement. The system also adapts to your speech on a ongoing basis and recognition will increase over time. Recognizer Profiles allow different users to share the same machine without interfering with each other's setups.