DoaSendAnOut1 Method

Phcc Interface Library .NET / COM

Sends data to a DOA_AnOut1 analog output daughtercard, to control the RMS voltage (using PWM) being supplied by that channel.

Namespace:  Phcc
Assembly:  Phcc (in Phcc.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Sub DoaSendAnOut1 ( _
	deviceAddr As Byte, _
	channelNum As Byte, _
	value As Byte _
public void DoaSendAnOut1(
	byte deviceAddr,
	byte channelNum,
	byte value


Type: System..::.Byte
The device address of the specific DOA_AnOut1 daughtercard to send data to.
Type: System..::.Byte
The channel number of the channel on the DOA_AnOut1 daughtercard whose PWM output voltage is to be set.
Type: System..::.Byte
A byte whose integer value controls the PWM pulse width ( delay time), which, in turn, dictates the RMS (average) voltage between the control pins on the specified channel.

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