DoaSendCharLcd Method

Phcc Interface Library .NET / COM

Sends data to an individual HD44780-compatible character LCD display wired to a PHCC DOA_char_lcd character LCD driver daughtercard.

Namespace:  Phcc
Assembly:  Phcc (in Phcc.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Sub DoaSendCharLcd ( _
	deviceAddr As Byte, _
	displayNum As Byte, _
	mode As LcdDataModes, _
	data As Byte _
public void DoaSendCharLcd(
	byte deviceAddr,
	byte displayNum,
	LcdDataModes mode,
	byte data


Type: System..::.Byte
The device address of the specific DOA_char_lcd character LCD driver daughtercard to send data to.
Type: System..::.Byte
The display number of the individual HD44780-compatible character LCD wired to the indicated DOA_char_lcd character LCD driver daughtercard, to which, the specified data will be sent.
Type: Phcc..::.LcdDataModes
A value from the LcdDataModes enumeration, specifying whether the value contained in the data parameter is to be considered Display Data or Control Data.
Type: System..::.Byte
The actual data value to send to the indicated HD44780-compatible character LCD display.

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