Address Resource Conflict

NI-Serial Troubleshooting Wizard

Address Resource Conflict

This error occurs if the address resources assigned to a serial interface conflict with the address resources being used by other devices in the system.

Typically, resource conflicts occur when your system contains hardware that is configured to use the same resources as your serial interface. Resource conflicts are detected by NI-Serial when the driver is loaded. If there is a resource conflict, the driver fails to load and records an error in the Event Viewer describing why it failed to load.

Determine the resource that caused the conflict and select new resources that are not in conflict.

Use the Windows System Information tool to get a list of the resource usage that is known to the operating system. This utility displays a list of I/O addresses and interrupt levels that are currently in use.

Once you know what resources are in conflict, run the Windows Device Manager utility to configure the new conflict-free resources.

 Click here to access the Windows Device Manager.