Microsoft.XmlDiffPatch Namespace

Microsoft XML Diff

Microsoft XML Diff 1.0 and XML Patch 1.0

Microsoft.XmlDiffPatch Namespace

The Microsoft.XmlDiffPatch namespace contains two classes, the Microsoft XML Diff and Patch 1.0 tool. The XML diff functionality is used to compare two documents, fragments, or nodes for differences; it creates an XDL Diffgram describing the differences.

The XML patch functionality takes an XDL Diffgram and applies it to a document or nodes to recreate the changed document.


Class Description
XmlDiff Represents the class that performs a comparison of XML documents, fragments, or nodes.
XmlPatch Applies an XDL Diffgram to a source document to create a modified document in place in memory.


Enum Description
XmlDiffOptions Specifies what options to include in the comparison.
XmlDiffAlgorithm Specifies which algorithm the XML diff should use for the comparison.

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