Prefix Change Operation

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Microsoft XML Diff 1.0 and XML Patch 1.0

Prefix Change Operation

This extended operation identifies a change of prefix. It consists of one xs:add operation, which show the addition of the new prefix, and one xd:remove operation, which show the removal of the prefix. There can also be any number of the xd:change operations with the same opid for each element or attribute name that is affected by the changed prefix.

The following is an example of what a prefix change element looks like:

<xd:descriptor type="prefix change" opid="3" oldPrefix="xslt" newPrefix="xsl"/>

The preceding example shows that a prefix change has occurred, and shows the old and new prefixes. All operations with an opid attribute with value 3 are part of this action.

The following table describes additional attributes of the xd:descriptor element for a prefix change operation.

Attribute name Description
oldPrefix Old prefix.
newPrefix New prefix

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