MapCruncher for Microsoft Virtual Earth Help


About MapCruncher

MapCruncher is a tool designed to quickly convert existing maps into an online format that is as fast and easy to use as Virtual Earth. MapCruncher transforms maps into a common Mercator projection used by Virtual Earth. By putting a large collection of maps into a common projection, users can mix-and-match maps to use them in new ways. MapCruncher will take your input map (such as a PDF), and generate a collection of small, correctly-aligned tiles that can be viewed in Virtual Earth.

There are a few things that MapCruncher is not. MapCruncher is not designed to handle schematic (not to-scale) maps. MapCruncher is not geographically perfect. It uses an approximation to transform maps, and thus sacrifices some precision in feature location. MapCruncher is not a tool for drawing maps; instead, it is designed to convert existing maps into a web-viewable form.