About installing clip files and clip collections

Microsoft Clip Organizer

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About installing clip files and clip collections

There are two types of files that come with Microsoft Clip Organizer: clip source files (also called clip files) and Clip Organizer collections (also called clip collections). Clip collections contain information about the clip files called clip properties. When adding clips  to Clip Organizer (especially when installing an additional Microsoft product on your computer), you have two options for clip collections and two options for clip files. See the documentation for the program that Clip Organizer is installed with to determine where to find the custom installation options for that product.

Install Clip Organizer collections to your hard drive

Leave Clip Organizer collections on CD-ROM

Put most or all of your clip source files on your computer's hard disk

Leave clip source files at their source location, on a CD-ROM, on other removable media, or on a network