About data access pages

Office Data Access Pages

A data access page is a special type of Web page that enables you to view and work with data from a database. It might also include data from other sources, such as Microsoft Excel. How you interact with the page depends on what it's used for.

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Data access pages are supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later.

Parts of a data access page

A data access page can have many features; however, these features vary depending on the purpose of the page. Some of the most common features are listed below. (Fields and records are always part of a data access page; however, how they are presented varies.)

Parts of a data access page

Callout 1 Expand indicator

Callout 2 Group header

Callout 3 A record is a collection of related facts about one entity, such as a customer, a customer order, or an employee, stored in a database.

Callout 4 A text box displays existing data from the underlying database, or, if allowed, accepts new data that you enter to be stored in the database.

Callout 5 Group records for 04-Mar.

Callout 6 The record navigation toolbar lets you quickly move between records or add, delete, save, undo changes to, sort, or filter records.

Groups organize data into sets. For example, the above page groups records of customers' orders by date. The name of each date is the group header. Depending on how the page was designed, either all the groups are displayed on the page (usually with their records hidden), or no specific group is displayed until you choose one from a list of available groups. If the page shows all groups, you can display the records for a specific group by clicking its expand indicator. Some or all groups in the page may support data entry.

In a grouped data access page, each group might have its own record navigation toolbar located at the bottom of the expanded group.

In addition to the above, a page might contain one or more of the following:

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