Get Help on using a data access page

Office Data Access Pages

This topic explains how to view and work with a data access page in general; however, the designers of the data access page that you are viewing might have provided Help information specific to that page. For example, they might have added instructions directly to the page, or they might have added a custom Help button or a hyperlink to information about the page.

A data access page may also include features that have their own built-in help. For example, the Microsoft Office PivotTable Component, Spreadsheet Component, and Chart Component have their own help, which explains how to work with just that feature of the page.

  • To get help about using Microsoft Internet Explorer, click Contents and Index on the Internet Explorer Help menu.
  • To get help for a PivotTable list, spreadsheet, or chart, click Help Button image on that component's toolbar.
  • To redisplay Microsoft Access Help, close the Help window for the PivotTable list, spreadsheet, or chart, and then click Help Button image on the data access page record navigation toolbar.

Note  Other features, such as Windows Media Player, also have their own Help, which is available by right-clicking that feature.