Parameter status


Parameter Status

Most of parameters in LT10 besides of value has a status used to control parameter value's freedom degree in calculations process and range of binding in series of spectra. Therefore available statuses are combinations of freedom degree specificators and range of binding specificators.

Range of binding specificators

All spectra within a document have one common value.
Each spectrum has a private value.

Freedom degree specificators

Parameter value is free to change in calculations process.
Parameter value can not be changed by minimalization procedure.

There are four standard combinations of specyficators mentioned above which defines statuses available to choose:

  • Local Free
  • Local Fixed
  • Common Free
  • Common Fixed

Parameter statuses may be set with status controllers placed at the top of parameters grid as shown in picture below.

parameter status
It is possible to set statuses of few parameters within one grid at the same time. To do that follow this steps:
  1. select controllers which statuses you want to change (controller is selected when its text is marked white; to select controllers use ctrl key or simply drag cursor through controller cells)
  2. press spacebar to activate lastly selected controller
  3. with mouse left button expand active controller
  4. select desired status
All selected controllers will gain status chosen for the last controller in selection range.

Beside four standard statuses there are two additional parameter statuses for binded parameters (interdocument parameter).

  • Binded Free
  • Binded Fixed

To distinguish parameter status on parameters grid, each status has binded different color.

Statuses colors may be adjusted in Options dialog (Paramters grid tab) available in menu Tools -> Options.