Lista de to do

IUP - Portable User Interface

To Do


  • Organize controls and driver initialization and management, improve the possibility of implementing new drivers.
  • A gtk driver in Linux.
  • A MacOS X native driver using Carbon.
  • A wxWidgets driver?
  • A tutorial section in the documentation. Add more complete samples.
  • To show a border for visual location of VBOX, HBOX and FILL. Can be a dialog attribute. Or most likely a function to display the layout.
  • Change all comments in the source code to english. Add comments to the internal includes for Doxygen.
  • Drag&Drop between controls or dialogs in the same application.
  • Allow the functions IupAppend and IupDetach to be used for dynamic creation of menus, IupSbox, IupCbox and IupTabs.
  • Buttons with image and text simultaneously.
  • Support for RGBA images. Support for alpha in colors for images?
  • IupLua executables in SunOS using the Sun WorkShop 6 C++ and in AIX using the C++ for AIX compilers do not include the IMLua binaries.


  • Support for MDI.
  • Reduce flicker when dialog is resized.
  • Callback SHOW_CB is not called when the dialog is hidden because of PARENTDIALOG.
  • When another Window Manager is running the IupPopup disable the other windows, but they can be placed in front of the popup window if PARENTDIALOG is not used. Also in this case, some window decorations do not work.
  • The menu does not inherit attributes from the dialog like in the Windows driver.
  • Sometimes the control initialization is incomplete and its size is miscalculated. To solve this call IupRefresh(dialog). This will fix the sizes.


  • Move iupMask to the mail library using attributes instead of functions.
  • A vertical IupGauge?
  • IupSbox can be resized above the maximum size so some controls go to outside the dialog area at right or bottom. In fact thi is part of the dynamic layout default reposition of controls inside the dialog. See the IupRefresh function. The IUP layout does not have a maximum limit only a minimum.


  • Fix column resize when line is moved outside the matrix canvas.
  • When removing a line, if it has the focus an invalid call to enteritem_cb/leave_item_cb will occur for the removed cell.
  • Lines and columns are not unmarked when clicking on the title.
  • Should allows to start the selection on cell 0:0.


  • Define minimum size based on tree nodes. New callback mode. Change internal list to real tree?
  • Images with variable sizes for nodes.

New Controls

  • IupPlot to plot a XY graph
  • A detachable toolbar?
  • Image Listbox
  • Grid Container (to distribute elements in a grid)
  • RTF editor in Windows
  • HTML viewer?