IupTabs - controle

IUP - Portable User Interface


Creates a Cbox element. It is concrete layout container, i.e. its children are positioned in specified coordinates. The IupCbox inherits from the IupCanvas, so all the canvas attributes and callbacks are valid. The box must have a specified size. The IupCbox contains a IupHbox where all the children are inserted, but their positioning ignores the IupHbox.


Ihandle* IupCbox(Ihandle* elem1, Ihandle* elem2, ...); [in C]
Ihandle* IupCboxv(Ihandle** elems); [in C]
iup.cbox{elem1, elem2, ...: ihandle} -> (elem: ihandle) [in Lua]
cbox(elem1, elem2, ...) [in LED]

elem1, elem2, ...: List of the elements that will be placed into Tabs.

This function returns the created Cbox's identifier, or NULL if an error occurs. The second form in C must end the array with a NULL. The order of the controls in the creation function is irrelevant.


CX, CY: (children only) Position in pixels relative to the top-left corner of the box. Must be set for each child inside the box.


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