Log Graph-Building Operations



Log Graph-Building Operations

GraphEdit can log the steps it takes when building a graph.

  1. On the File menu, click Set Log File...
  2. In the Save As dialog box, enter the name of the log file.

When you are done using GraphEdit, you can view the file with a text editor.

The following is an excerpt from a typical log file.

Render file C:\Example.avi
File has media type 0xe436eb83... Subtype 0xe436eb88...
Source filter clsid is 0xe436ebb5...
Source filter has loaded the source file
RenderFile: Source filter added: Address=87bb4
RenderFile: Render source filter pin 87cc4
Render: Pin 87cc4 has major type 0xe436eb83...
Render: Trying filter at address 87bb4
Render: Examining filter at address 87bb4 for input pin to connect output pin 87cc4 to
Render: No more pins - FAILED to find a pin to use on filter 87bb4