Build a Graph Manually



Build a Graph Manually

To build a filter graph manually, perform the following steps.

Add Filters

  1. On the Graph menu, click Insert Filters.
  2. GraphEdit displays a dialog box with a tree view. The tree view contains entries for all the filters registered on your system, enumerated by filter category. (Refer to the following diagram.)
  3. In the tree view, click the plus (+) symbol to expand a category.
  4. Select a filter name and click Insert Filters, or double-click a filter name.
  5. Click Close.

Insert Filters Dialog

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Connect Filters

Connect two filters by dragging the mouse from an output pin to an input pin. If the pins reject the connection, GraphEdit displays a dialog box with an error message.

If the Intelligent Connect option is turned on, GraphEdit automatically adds any intermediate filters needed to complete the connection. This is equivalent to calling the IGraphBuiler::Connect method. If Intelligent Connect is turned off, GraphEdit attempts to connect the pins directly. This is equivalent to calling the IFilterGraph::ConnectDirect method.

Render Pins

Instead of connecting two pins, you can render an output pin. When you render a pin, GraphEdit adds the necessary downstream filters and connects them. This is equivalent to calling the IGraphBuilder::Render method.

To render an output pin, perform the following steps.

  1. Right-click an output pin.
  2. On the pop-up menu, click Render.