Introduction to GraphEdit



Introduction to GraphEdit

GraphEdit is a visual tool for building and testing filter graphs. It is provided as an executable with the DirectX SDK. With GraphEdit, you can quickly build and test filter graphs to see if they function as you expect. You can even view a filter graph created by an application running in another process.

The following illustration shows a simple filter graph as it appears in GraphEdit.

Filter Graph in GraphEdit

Filters are displayed as boxes, with a text caption showing the name of the filter. Pins appear as small squares along the edge of the filter. Input pins are on the left, output pins on the right. A pin connection appears as an arrow connecting the output pin to the input pin.

GraphEdit uses a custom persistence format. This format is not supported for application use, but it is helpful for testing and debugging your application.

Note  The GraphEdit source code is not provided, and you may not redistribute the executable.