GD32F10x USB-Device: _CDC_IF_FOP Struct Reference

GD32F103 Firmware

GD32F10x USB-Device  V1.0.0
GD32F10x USB-Device

Data Fields

uint16_t(* pIf_Init )(uint8_t Config)
uint16_t(* pIf_DeInit )(void)
uint16_t(* pIf_Ctrl )(uint8_t Cmd, uint8_t *CmdBuf, uint16_t Len)
uint16_t(* pIf_DataTx )(COM_TypeDef Com, uint8_t *DataBuf, uint16_t Len)
uint16_t(* pIf_DataRx )(COM_TypeDef Com, uint8_t *DataBuf, uint16_t Len)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file usbd_cdc_core.h.

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