Setting Effect Properties

Force Editor

Force Editor

Setting Effect Properties

Properties for an effect are set on a property sheet. Only one property sheet can be open at a time. It always represents the last effect selected in the timeline window.

To set properties for an effect:

  1. Right-click on the effect graph in the timeline window, and select Properties from the context menu.


    Select the effect graph, and choose Properties from the Edit menu.


    If the property sheet is already open, click on the effect whose properties you want to change.

  2. Select the page for the property you want to change, and adjust the values. New values are applied immediately. However, in the case of a text box, you must move the input focus elsewhere, or press ENTER for the new value to take effect.

Information about specific property sheet pages is contained in the following topics:

For general information on effect properties, see the documentation for DirectInput.

Note  Force Editor lets you change all properties of an effect, even those that are not supported on the device that you are using.