Force Properties

Force Editor

Force Editor

Force Properties

The following property sheet pages are available for all effects other than conditions:

  • Envelope. Drag the vertical sliders up or down to set the start and end magnitudes of the envelope. If the magnitude of the force is negative, the envelope magnitude moves in the opposite direction, because envelope magnitude is an absolute value.

    Drag the horizontal sliders left and right to set the attack and fade durations of the envelope. The attack and fade durations are shown in the illustration proportionally to the current effect duration. If you change the effect duration, the attack and fade duration retain their fixed values, and the proportions in the illustration are different.

    Offset is not applied in the illustration on this page. Envelope and offset are both applied to the graph on the timeline.

  • Direction. For multiple-axis effects, change the direction by dragging the dial or by entering a value in the text box, in hundredths of a degree.

Each type of force has its own property page that shows the basic magnitudes and, in the case of periodic forces, the period and phase. The effect of envelopes is not shown on these pages.

The following page is available for constant forces:

  • Constant. Set the magnitude of the effect by moving the slider up and down. Moving the slider below the center line gives the force a negative magnitude, thus reversing the direction of the pull.

The following page is available for ramp forces:

  • Ramp. Set the start and end magnitude of the force by dragging the sliders up and down.

The following page is available for periodic forces:

  • Periodic. The diagram shows about two seconds of the effect (even if the effect is actually shorter), with the phase (the starting magnitude) on the left. Set the offset by using the left vertical slider, and the magnitude by using the right vertical slider. Set the phase by using the top horizontal slider, and the period by using the bottom horizontal slider.