Creating Effects

Force Editor

Force Editor

Creating Effects

To create an effect:

  1. Click on the desired type of effect in the toolbar, or select Effect from the Insert menu, and choose the effect type from the list. A graph is created in the active timeline window, representing an effect of arbitrary duration and start time.
  2. Using the mouse, move and resize the rectangle to give it the desired start point and stop point.

As you move or extend the rectangle to the right, the timeline automatically lengthens as necessary.

You can create any number of effects in a timeline window. However, the number that can be downloaded at any one time is limited by the device.

Select an effect for editing, playing, or deletion by clicking on its graph. You can select multiple effects by using the SHIFT key.

When effects are downloaded to the device, they are given priority from top to bottom. Change the vertical order of effects by dragging them.