Common Properties

Force Editor

Force Editor

Common Properties

The property sheet has the following pages for all effects:

  • General. Enter the friendly name of the effect. This is the string to be returned in the DIFILEEFFECT structure for the effect when file effects are enumerated by a DirectInput application.
  • Axes. Choose the axis or axes on which the effect is to be felt. Effects can be created on one or two axes. To create a single-axis effect, select an axis in the first list, and select None in the second list. To create a two-axis effect, select an axis in each list. The order of the axes is not significant—for example, selecting X in the first list and Y in the second is the same as selecting Y in the first list and X in the second.
  • Timing. Choose the time units to be used on this page by selecting an option button.

    Enter a value in the Start Delay text box. This is the delay between the time the effect is started and the time it plays.

    Change the duration of the effect by entering a value in the Duration text box, or select Infinite if you want the effect to play until explicitly stopped. You can also select durations of up to 10 seconds by using the slider.

    You can also make changes to the start delay and duration of an effect by moving and resizing the graph in the timeline window.