About Force Editor

Force Editor

Force Editor

About Force Editor

Force Editor is a tool for designing and testing force-feedback effects in Microsoft® DirectInput®.

To use the application, you need to have at least one force-feedback device attached to the system. You can select from multiple devices by choosing Select Device from the File menu or by clicking the joystick icon on the toolbar.

The program requires the Microsoft Foundation Classes 4.2 library. This might not be available on a Microsoft® Windows® 95 system if you have not installed Microsoft® Visual C++® or another application that installs the necessary dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).

Effects can be designed singly or in groups, and can be tested in combination, with different start and stop times for each effect.

Effect parameters are saved in resource interchange file format (RIFF). Effect files can be opened in Force Editor for further development and can be used by applications, so there is no need to copy effect parameters into code or to update code as effects are redesigned.