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Settings - Console



Specifies default shell commad line. If empty, Console will use COMSPEC environment variable as default shell.

Startup dir

Specifies default initial directory for shells.

Start Windows console hidden

Launch the underlying console app hidden. It prevents a flick in the Windows Taskbar.
Warning: some console applications, e.g. PowerShell, that open GUI windows may not work correctly when this option is checked.

Update timeouts

On change

Update interval (in ms) after Console detects a change in the hidden console window. When a change is detected, Console will defer screen update for the specified interval.
This is needed to improve performance during fast changes in the hidden console. Realistic values are 10-50.


Periodic update interval (in ms). This value specifies how often Console performs screen updates, even when there is no change detected. Console sometimes cannot detect changes in the hidden console window (usually by old DOS applications)
This value should be larger than 'On change' update interval. Realistic values are in the 50-500 range.

Window size


Initial window row count.


Initial window column count.

Save on exit

If checked, Console's window size will be saved on exit.

Buffer size


Initial buffer row count.


Initial buffer column count.

Console colors map

These squares allow you to remap default 16 console colors. Left square shows the original color. Clicking on the right square will bring up a color picker allowing you to select a new color.
Reset button will reset colors to their default values.