Settings - Appearance

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Settings - Appearance

Title & icon


Specifies the main window title.

Use tab titles

If checked, main window title will be set to the active tab's title.

Use console window title

Activates support for changing window/tab title from the shell ('title' command in cmd.exe).
Note: If on, 'Rename Tab' menu command will not work properly.

Show command

If checked, main window title will show currently running command.

Show command in tabs

If checked, tab titles will show currently running commands.

Trim tab titles

If checked, tab titles will be trimmed to specified number of characters.

character width

Specify the maximum number of character of the tab name.

chars at end

Specify the number of characters to take from the end of the string. The total number will not exceed the character width.


Specifies custom icon for the main window. If left empty, default Console icon will be used.

Use tab icons

If checked, main window icon will be set to active tab's icon.



Specifies Console font name.


Specifies font size.


If checked, Console font will be bold.


If checked, Console font will be italic.

Custom color

Allows you to specify custom font color.
Note: If on, all text will be shown in the selected color. Shell's syntax coloring will be ignored.


Initial position

When checked, allows you to specify initial window position. Otherwise, initial Console window position will be determined by Windows.

X, Y

These values specify initial Console window position.

Save on exit

If checked, Console's window position will be saved on exit.

Snap to desktop edges

When checked, Console window will be snapped to desktop edges.


Specifies window snap disance.


Top left
Top right
Bottom left
Bottom right

Allows you to specify initial window docking type.

Z order

Always on top
Always on bottom
Pinned to desktop

Allows you to specify window Z order.
Note: Pinned to desktop currently works only in Windows Explorer (i.e. other shells like Litestep are not supported)